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VivaHumi™ Flame Aromatherapy Machine

VivaHumi™ Flame Aromatherapy Machine

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Feeling hyped? Take a deep breath with our VivaHumi™ Flame Aromatherapy Machine to relax and reflect. This essential oil diffuser simulation flame mist air humidifier 180ml aromatherapy diffuser 2 brightness night light & auto-off is easy to use and can make any room smell like fresh flowers or a rainstorm in minutes


Humidifier meets cosplay with this Flame Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser. The device will diffuse mist while the light flickers and moves like a flame, creating a realistic campfire-like effect. The light can be set to a low level or turned off completely.

  • VivaHumi, is a humidifier, aroma diffuser and night light together, allowing you to enjoy nature with flickering Flame and romance. Good for all seasons because it is not only a beautiful night light but also a personal humidifier
  • Flame + Mist + Humidifier - 3 functions in 1 Hydration-Replenish the moisture into the skin and small room, protecting your skin from getting dry and itchy in winter.
  • 180mL LARGE CAPACITY: Its 180ml large capacity can be used for about 8 hours, so you will see its mist coming out for a long time. This essential oil diffuser has a built-in safety auto shut-off feature that will turn off the device when the water level is too low.
  • VivaHumi essential oil diffuser uses water and multiple ultrasonic vibrations to create a soothing mist. It evenly humidifies the air to keep your skin moist, relieves dry cough and sinus irritation, makes breathing more comfortable. Two mist modes, cycle and intermittent mist.


Relax and unwind
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