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Cute Cat Ceramic Tea/Coffee Handwarmer Mug

Cute Cat Ceramic Tea/Coffee Handwarmer Mug

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 Cute Cat Ceramic Tea/Coffee Handwarmer Mugs

Cute and fine wooden cup lid, a three-dimensional cat shape stands on the lid. The comfortable cup handle and the cup body with a cartoon cat picture make it look more beautiful.

hand warmer coffee mug

Experience the new way to drink your coffee or tea. This ceramic Handwarmer Mug is created with an ergonomic pocket that allows you to hold the mug and still have access to the warmth. It's made with the same love of unique products that Cute Cat is known for!

Keeps your tea/coffee hot for longer than a traditional mug: The ceramic heats up when in contact with the hot liquid and stores the heat for later release. This means you can enjoy a warm drink for longer.

handwarmer mugs

The ideal gift for a friend or family member! This hand warmer pottery mugs is ceramic and holds 12 ounces of your favorite beverage. It features an ergonomic pocket to stow and warm your fingers while sipping, making it the perfect companion for late nights at the office, weekend projects around the house, or even on a cold winter hike.

Package Includes:

1 Piece Ceramic Mug
1 Piece Lid
1 Piece Spoon

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