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Bursa Bowl Anti Vomiting Cat Bowls

Bursa Bowl Anti Vomiting Cat Bowls

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Bursa Bowl is the solution for your cat's neck pain

Elevate Your Pets Feeding Experience. If you care about your pet's happiness, health, and well-being, our cat and dog feeder give them the flexibility to look up when eating, which helps prevent complications with their neck.


EFFORTLESS TO CLEAN AND NO-SPILL: The cat bowl is easy to clean. Just run it under the tap, and it's all done. Reversible and can be used both inside and outside the home. Made of PP, it is very easy to clean and dry. The Bursametro Anti-vomiting pet bowl features a built-in anti-slip ring that prevents the pet bowl from slipping on the floor so you can focus on other things!

PET BOWLS WITH LESS NECK PRESSURE: Neck pressure is the major issue of regular cat feeders or dog feeders. When the cat or dog looks down while eating, they tend to self-caudal flex (neck contraction), which can lead to choking, eating slowly or even refusing to eat at all. Our cat bowl is designed to decrease the neck pressure as much as possible by elevating the floor of the bowl. The pet feeder allows the cat or dog to look up while eating without any neck pressure!


REDUCE VOMITING: Some cat owners complain that their cats vomit a lot when they use regular cat bowls. they think that their cats react this way because the food moves too fast through their body and their feline digestive system can't handle all the nutrients at once.

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