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Keyboard Cleaning Tool Kit

Keyboard Cleaning Tool Kit

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Bursametro Keyboard Cleaning Tool kit is a cleaning brush set specially designed to clean your keyboard and other electronic devices

Save a trip to the computer repair shop: You can clean your computer keyboard yourself and save money!

With a keyboard brush and a silicone screen roller designed from premium nylon material, Cleaning Brush safely and effectively eliminates crumbs, dust and more.

Classically designed to fit in purses and pockets, the Cleaning Brush is a must-have for every computer owner who truly cares for their device.

Product Features:

  • Soft Nylon Hair Brush - Does not damage the keyboard in any way.
  • Double Head Concealed Design - Contains two kinds of gap cleaning heads, making sure dust has nowhere to hide.
  • Portable and Light Weight - Fits inside purses and pockets and, makes it easy to carry around.
  • Elasticity - Its elasticity and compactness enhance labor-saving friction.
  • Cap Removal - Comes with a keyboard cap removal that is safe to use and ensures no crumbs are hidden.


    1. Use Soft Brush to remove dust on the keyboard surface
    2. Use Key Cap Puller to pull out keycap and use different sizes of the brush to clean up the keyboard base.

    Your PC Will Thank You: Your computer will run faster and have a longer lifespan, making this investment worth it for you.

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