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Interactive Pet Puzzle Feeder Toy

Interactive Pet Puzzle Feeder Toy

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Train your pet's senses, exercise their bodies and stimulate their mind. 🐾 🐾 

Help your furry friend focus on the task and develop their intelligence. with a one-kind Puzzle treat toy. This Level 2 puzzle games interactive dog toy for IQ training has a place for treats, where your pet learns to solve the puzzle and gets the reward. 

  • The puzzle works to complete a physical activity that incites their brains so they can burn off excess energy plus achieve an optimal level of mental stimulation.

  • You will be able to see their IQ growing as they learn how to solve the puzzle and receive treats for their efforts.


  • It has two different difficulty levels so your pet can advance as they solve the puzzle. It makes it fun to train them to collect the treats inside.

  • Helps to slow the rate at which dogs eat and reduce the amount of air they swallow while eating, thereby reducing bloat and acid reflux
  • The Pet Puzzle Slow Feeder acts as a mental exercise toy to stimulate your pet's senses

  • Durable and safe TPE material, non-toxic, healthy, and environmentally friendly


  • Treat dispensing toys are used by some vets to avoid the pet being bored and help them lose weight
  • An excellent distraction while you are waiting your turn in class or talking 
  • Promotes positive behavior, relieves boredom and anxiety
  • For all ages, puppies, adult dogs, cats, and the elderly can exercise with it



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