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Astronaut Galaxy Light Projector Lamp

Astronaut Galaxy Light Projector Lamp

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This Astronaut Starry Sky Projector Light will project an amazing picture of the universe onto any surface, creating a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. The constellation projector creates a romantic and elegant effect that's great for anyone. It's a great way to add personality to any room.


This projector is a great addition to any kid's playroom, sleep room, bedroom, or even your office.

  • This projector works in two different modes, Timer Mode and Constellation Mode. Press the timer button on the remote control to turn on the timer mode, and then you can set the time that you want it to be on, and it will automatically turn off after the time is up. If you'd like it to turn on when you are sleeping at night in bed, you can turn it on in Constellation Mode. In this mode, it will automatically turn on when it's dark out, and automatically turn off when it's light out in the morning.

It is the perfect nightlight for your kids, especially if they love star gazing.

  • All my friends with kids told me that their kids love star gazing and watching all of the constellations as they were going to bed. This is the perfect way for them to do that since it projects stars onto their walls anywhere they want and puts them to sleep quicker than a regular nightlight would.

It also has an adjustable head angle so that it can point upwards or towards the ceiling.

  • This makes it a great nightlight for your room or playroom and will definitely help with sleep. The slider on the remote control will let you adjust how far upward or downward the light goes.

Easy to use

  • The astronaut projector can be adjusted in multiple directions so that you can enjoy the lights and the stars from different angles. And the easy on/off switch allows you to control the brightness of the lamp.

  • Package include: 1 Astronaut Starry Sky Projector Light and 1 Remote Control
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