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3-Layer Car Mesh Organizer

3-Layer Car Mesh Organizer

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The Front Seat Car Accessory Organizer from Bursametro will keep your vehicle free of clutter with its many useful storage compartments.

This is an all in one protective organizer that can be used as a barrier between child car seats and the driver/passenger seat, it has two cup holders to keep drinks upright and an elastic band to keep things in place, a tissue holder, a small storage pouch that you can use to store your phone or other small items, a USB charger that can be used to hold your phones and tablets, and a small storage pocket on the side that you can use to hold other items that you need to access quickly.


Travel Organizer For Back Seats

  • With the help of our 3-Layer Car Mesh Organizer, you can keep your pet or child in the back seat without worrying about them slouching or falling off. At the same time, it helps you to keep your back seats clean and cozy without leaving a mess behind.

  • It allows the driver to focus on the road and not worry about the pet jumping around in the back seat.
  • Large capacity net bag design, Space-saving, you can store everything you can put down all gadgets, such as water, drink, tissues, snacks, and book. keeps your pocketbook within reach, greatly reducing distracted driving situations.

Meet your All Vehicle's Organizing Needs:

  • 3-Layer Car Mesh Organizer With separate pockets offers separated storage for each type of item, such as Pets, Grocery Bags, Toys, Merchandise, and so on. Adopting 3-layer mesh material which is breathable and durable for organizing your items.

Provides Maximum Comfort To Your Pets:

  • This car back seat pet shield can be installed in any vehicle, It also prevents the pets from escaping out of the car. The seat belt is a four-buckled safety belts design, which can provide maximum safety of your pets and make sure that the pet can not easily jump out of the vehicle.

  • 3-layer design, to manage the storage needs of your car, whether it’s a toy or a snack for your kids, or even your own things and are very simple for you.

Easy to set up, no tools required.

  • The installation of universal fit can be installed in all kinds of vehicles, suitable for all kinds of car models.
  • Storage network bag Ă— 1


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