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16-Piece Spiral Ear wax Removal Kit

16-Piece Spiral Ear wax Removal Kit

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Cotton Swabs are not designed for ear cleaning, actually, they do the opposite: ear wax is pushed further down the ear canal and not taken out. Furthermore, they may damage your inner ear.

Now clean your ear canal without any tension with our Ear wax Removal Kit. It is safe and clinically tested for any direction usage. It is made up of highly comfortable material to provide a firm grip. It’s flexible and the top is a replaceable soft groove head, which makes it easy to get in and out of the ear without any damage to internal organs. Removing wax is much easier than ever with the best tool. Get one for yourself or GIFT it to your loved ones.


  • Soft, flexible, and comfortable disposable tip
  • Clinically approved and tested
  • The soft spiral grooved head is designed to give you ultimate cleaning with ease. Disposable tips are easy to replace when needed
  • Ergonomic design to prevent any kind of injury. It reaches maximum depth and maintains a safe distance from your eardrum
  • Easy to use, just insert and twist in the direction of the arrow
  • Removing wax from the ear is easier than ever

How to use earwax removal kit

  • Simply twist the handle and the soft, flexible tip with spiral grooves easily removes the earwax. Our q-grips ear wax remover includes a total of 16 soft and flexible silicone replacement tips. it's perfect for the entire family’s ear hygiene.

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