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The different types of spatulas to use in your kitchen

The Different Types Of Spatulas To Use In Your Kitchen

The spatula is a surprisingly versatile utensil in the kitchen. Spatulas are usually used to return hamburgers or skipped onions, but there are so many other uses depending on the type of spatula you are using.

Spatulas can be made with several different materials, including silicone, metal, plastic and wood. Their sizes can vary from tiny to enormous and can be square, rounded or triangular.

Take a look at all the different types of spatulas so you can choose the good ones you need for your kitchen.

  1. Bamboo Spatula : Bamboo spatulas are an ecological option. They are flexible but durable, light and easy to clean. A bonus is that they look good enough to let out on the counter.
  2. Cake Spatula : Cake spatulas are triangular and are perfect for trench and serve pieces of cake. They can be manufactured in various materials, but you will probably find them made of metal or plastic.
  3. Fish Spatula: Fish spatulas are usually metal and are split, thin and inclined at the end. They allow you to recover delicate pieces of fish without breaking them easily.
  4. Flat Spatula: Flat spatulas can be made of any material. They are often used to agitate because they can be difficult to pick up food because they are not compensated. They can also help you transfer food from one flat surface to another.
  5. Flat Frosting Spatula: This type of spatula is intended to extend the cherry on the cakes. Unlike offset glazing spatulas, these are flat and can be difficult to use on the sides of large cakes.
  6. Giant Spatula: Giant spatulas are usually slightly rounded and shaped L, which makes them perfect for picking pancakes or pancakes.
  7. Grilling Spatula: Grill spatulas are designed to be used safely on a barbecue grill. The spatula head is metal and is offset. You can easily return food without coming into contact with fire.
  8. Half Spatula: Half of the spatulas look like one side was cut off. They are used to scratch the sides of the dishes.
  9. Metal Spatula: The metal spatulas are in various shapes and sizes, but they are often wide and flat, which makes them perfect for serving pancakes or pancakes on the plate.
  10. Offset Spatula: Offset spatulas are not straight, so you can easily enjoy ice cakes or put yourself under the food. Almost any material can be used, but they are usually metal.
  11. Perforated Spatula: Perforated spatulas are similar to those of split spatulas, except that it has drainage holes instead of locations.
  12. Pizza Paddle Spatula: Pizza paddles are like oversized flat spatulas used to pull pizzas from brick furnaces.
  13. Plastic Spatula:Plastic spatulas are inexpensive and can often be found in Dollar stores. They are not recommended because they break easily and can melt and ruin pots if they are left on heat too long. They can also flee chemicals.
  14. Rounded Spatula:Rounded spatulas are good for scratching bowls. If you use a perforated spatula, it works well for the emptying fries food.
  15. Scraper Spatula: The scraper spatulas have a soft pointed corner and a rounded corner. So you can easily scrape the sides of bowls and stoves. They are often made with silicone, but you can find them in other materials such as rubber or plastic.
  16. Serrated Spatula: Serrated spatulas are designed with sharp edges so you can cut food into the pan. Grill spatulas are usually serrated so you can cut meat on the grill.
  17. Silicone Spatula: Silicone spatulas are non-stick, making it the ideal plure tool in the kitchen. They are easy to wash, but you may see that they keep some smells of food. Be careful that it does not feel like onions when you try to cook a cake!
  18. Slotted Spatula: Slotted spatulas are versatile and are often used when fusing food because it allows a grease to drain. They are available in a variety of materials.
  19. Solid Spatula: Solid spatulas have no holes, so they are better for shaking and transferring.
  20. Spoon Spatula: A spoon spatula is flat enough to be used as a spatula when you have to switch to the food, but deep enough to work like a spoon when you have to taste liquids.
  21. Spreading Spatula: The spread of spatulas are also called glaze spatulas. They are long, thin and offset, so you can easily spread the cherry on cakes.
  22. Squared Spatula: Square spatulas are often rounded, although some of them can have more net points on them. They are perfect for passing, cutting or maneuvering in the corners of square pans.
  23. Tiny Spatula: The tiny spatulas can be a fun novelty gift for a baker, but they serve their goals. If you work with small dishes, they can make up and scratch more easily.
  24. Turner Spatula: Turner spatulas are used to transform foods such as pancakes, cakes or vegetables. Some are split and some are solid, some are wide and some are thin. The bigger it is, the more the food you can turn.
  25. Wooden Spatula: Wooden spatulas are usually used to shake and launch instead of turning or serving. This is because most wooden spatulas are flat and not inclined. They have a size and shape so that you can have many for different purposes.


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