How To Make Your Backseat The Most Awesome Place In The World

Organizing your car is an important part of driving. It eliminates clutter and helps you find what you need, when you need it.
What's more, a well-organized car can save you time by keeping everything within easy reach. Here are some great ideas for organizing your car.
Hang a shoe organizer from the back of your seat to create extra space for groceries under your front seat. You can also use one to store snacks or even put it in the trunk to have items easily accessible when you're on the road.

Remove the cup holders from the console and use them on the back of each seat for bottled drinks. This will free up space in the console where you can store other items, like CDs and pens.
Use a small plastic container with a lid to keep loose change, gum and other odds and ends out of sight. Use Velcro strips or decorative washi tape to secure it to the bottom of your front passenger seat so it's easily accessible and visible when needed. These containers also come with lids that can be used in place of traditional cup holders if needed.
Attach an old belt to your rear view mirror with Velcro straps in order to hang sunglasses or other items from it while driving. has a bunch of really useful accessories for organizing your car. I've got three products that have completely changed my backseat organization.
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