How To Clean Your Airpods Case (Cleaning Pen)

You have watched this video "how to clean airpods case" on Youtube? You must! Your AirPods will be happy you did.

Our Multi-Function Airpod Cleaning Pen Kit is the world's first cleaning pen for your bluetooth earbuds, airpods case and other small accessories. Its high-tech nano-fiber tip cleans dirt, dust, sweat and oil from all of your favorite bluetooth devices.

Tired of dirty headphones? Airpod Cleaning Pen Kit  is here to save the day! Say goodbye to dirty earbuds forever. It only takes seconds to give your earbuds a deep clean. The specially designed pen safely cleans all of your bluetooth accessories without damaging them.

How does Airpod Cleaning Pen Kit  work? 

 Multi-Function Airpod Cleaning Pen Kit $19.99

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