How To Clean Airpods Case And Every Other Bluetooth Device Earbuds Without Damage

One of the main reasons that people get deterred from using AirPods is the incessant build-up of ear wax, pet hair and dust. It’s not just dirty on the outside but if you don’t clean it properly you might spoil your particular Airpod Case. That’s why I suggest using these tools to clean your clean your airpods case inside so as to prolong its health and well-being.
I made the video to show you how to clean your airpods and  airpods case. There are a lot of videos on youtube about cleaning but none of them use warm water and toothbrush. I recommend you give it a try. It was very easy and quick to do it with this method I tried and it works like magic.

Multi-Function Airpod Cleaning Pen Kit

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