Keeping an organized car when you have children is almost impossible! For years, I struggled to keep my car organized and I learned a few things over the years that really helped.
It's not even almost as perfect as my photos. It lasts only a few days after cleaning. But my advice works! They make great progress to keep my car clean and I can absolutely see a difference when I am my own advice.
Products I use:
Sometimes having some organizational supplies in your car can make an incredible difference. If you have an effective system in place, things stay organized so much longer!



Clean it weekly

That's exactly the same car organization hack that I gave on cleaning the refrigerator in my previous position, but if you can clean it every week, it will be so much easier to maintain. I know it seems impossible, but if you take the time to make one own own once, then it will only take you 10-15 minutes to clean it every week after that (including the vacuum cleaner!).
We used to have an adhesion to our local car wash, so I used to wash and suck my car every Wednesday when I was doing shopping or doing groceries. It has made so much easier and it has become part of my routine!
If you can create this habit, it is strong easier to keep your vehicle clean because you only have 1 week of crumbs, no 12 weeks. It's a particularly good tip if you have small children who are sitting in a car seat. These things seem to hide each crumb in the world.
Only one reason that people hate the cleaning of the car so badly is that it's such a big job, but if you take an open Saturday and do you deep clean and commit yourself to clean it every week You will be amazed with the difference.

Organize the central console

The organization of the interior of the car is just as big of a hassle. But one thing I discovered is that less is more. It's more difficult to do when you have teeny children, but my youngest is 4 now and I can already see a huge difference in the amount of things we need to keep in the car.
It is my favorite way that I have noticed to organize the area between the 2 car seats (usually where are the carpet holders). I found this organizer clear acrylic to the dollar tree! It is perfect for all my business and that it really remains in search of this beautiful all the time. Plus, it's so easy to find things.

No food policy - Most of the time

I have no food policy in my car, but sometimes desperate moments call desperate measures. I therefore keep a small container of semi-healthy snacks that my children can seize if they are running. I try to keep snacks as well without disorder as possible.
The Granola bars are particularly interesting for snacks to keep in the car. They can be kept in the car for a long time and will always be fresh. I also like how they have fewer crumbs than something like crackers of red fish or similar snacks.

  • Waterproof picnic cover
  • Emergency Road Kit
  • First aid kit
  • Bottles of water
  • Hand disinfectant
  • Emergency supplies that we may need if the car breaks down
  • Packable, down blankets that are accomplished more times I can not count

Make your car feel very important

Your car can be the cleanest car, without crumbs or toys for children in sight, but if it stinks, no one will notice how to clean the inside of your car.
The smell is so important! That's why I make a special special effort to make sure my car feels good and fresh.
There are so many types of car trim on the market today, but I feel like I have tried most of them!

Make a family business and get all the people involved

My last tip of a clean and organized car is to get everyone in the family involved. If you have children, it can be a very large chore to do.
Cleaning the car is one of the housework that at least one of my children makes each week. I do not usually like the car to this age, but I let them empty all the garbage, the wrappers of food, small toys, shoes and sports equipment that are inevitably left there.
This also helps you keep track of the stuff you're storing in your car all the time. For example, sometimes when using the last fabric, you forget to throw empty tissue box and it is just under your seat.
Make regular cleaning of your car will keep your car without all things that can clutter your vehicle.
Also make sure to check your first aid kits and replace everything you used, so you do not find that you are not out of something when you need it!

So here is a summary of my tips and tips to keep your car clean:

  • No food allowed in the car (if you have small children, this rule prevents 75% of the mess!)
  • Clean your weekly car (Vacuum cleaner, wipe the dash and windows)
  • Make one another clean quarter
  • Less, it's more - Try to get out of the car that is not a necessity
  • Have some kind of air sanitizer so that it remains feeling good
  • Have containers to keep the loose objects corrected so that they do not go around all around the car
  • Make a family business - Ask for help from a family member or assigning like a chore for your children
  • Create a system for the center console
  • Create a system for glove compartment
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